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celebrating Diwali as a school community

SIA Newsletter 9

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community

It has been such a wonderful week back after half term. My highlight was on Tuesday as we all came together to celebrate Diwali as a school community and I would like to thank Lynn from SPEA for joining us. The community were exposed to Indian dance and culture in a wonderful ceremony organised by Ms Fareeha and our secondary learners. A special thanks to our wonderful choreographer Harshita Mamtani in Year 12 who even managed to get our teachers grooving! It was a wonderful showcase of how culturally diverse we are as a community but how we can all come together to celebrate each other’s uniqueness. These type of celebrations are very much in keeping with being a British School Overseas and provide opportunities for us to explore values such as tolerance and equity. As an HPL school we link to empathy, open mindedness and concern for society.

On Monday, our Key Stage 5 students visited a university fair on Monday to continue to explore their next steps and assess the paths that lie ahead of them. Our Year 11 scientists have also been hard at work in preparation for their IGCSE exams and were able to partake in our first of three “Focus on Science Days”. Our learners had opportunities to further explore the curriculum throughout the day including many practical experiments to really bring Science to life in the classroom!

This week there have been many amazing highlights, our Year 9 girls are travelling to RAK, representing the school in our external netball league in the EISSA league. We have had so many learners taking part in our external sports leagues, this is amazing for the school and we are excited for many more to take part moving forward. The girls have been training during break times in order to represent the school. Furthermore, our SIA Podcast has seen Episode 2 take place this week with our two learner leaders (Mahnoor & Arwa) talking about events which have taken place in the school so far and key events coming up. The Podcast has been broadcasted on our social media platforms, showcasing the amazing work done by our learners.

Truly an amazing week at SIA.

#bethebestyoucanbe #proudprincipal #celebratingdiversity

Take care

James Batts