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an image of the school principal with learners and their parents

SIA Newsletter 34

Dear SIA Community, I hope this letter finds you well and filled with the spirit of empathy and togetherness. I wonder who put the ‘I’ in Kind this week? Please CLICK HERE . Today, I want to emphasise the importance of empathy in our school culture and express my gratitude to all the parents who …

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an image of young learners playing with a soapy substance

SIA Newsletter 33

Dear SIA Community, I hope this letter finds you all in good health. I wonder who put the ‘I’ in kind this week? My absolutely favourite thing that happened in school this week was the Year 6 podcast that I was invited to take part in. It was truly a pleasure to be asked …

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young learners arranging wood blocks

SIA Newsletter 32

Dear SIA Community, I hope this letter finds you in good health and I am sure we are looking forward to seeing who put the ‘I’ in kind this week. As you will be aware our learners are currently taking a number of assessments and exams and this can often be a challenging time …

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learners at SIA doing their math seat work

SIA Newsletter 31

Dear SIA Community, I hope this week’s newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits as we head into the weekend. I wonder who has put the ‘I’ in kind this week? At SIA growing our provision beyond the classroom supports learning through collaboration, focus, and a provision that continues into the central …

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young learners at SIA writing some words in their boards

SIA Newsletter 30

Dear SIA Community, I am delighted to share with you how we recently celebrated the King’s Coronation at our British school overseas. It was a day filled with excitement, learning, and reflection as we linked the values, attitudes, and attributes (VAA’s) that are at the heart of our school community. Our learners engaged in various …

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SIA young learners busy in their science experiments

SIA Newsletter 29

Dear SIA Community, I would like to start my letter today by writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the lovely moments that myself and my Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have experienced while standing at the front of the school in the mornings. Your positive conversations, simple good mornings, smiles on the faces of …

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young learners playing blocks and numbers

SIA Newsletter 28

Dear SIA Community, For those I haven’t seen, Eid Mubarak. We had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Eid during our Eid assembly on Wednesday morning with the whole school. We celebrated our learners, who were fantastic during the Holy Qur’an competition, where they received their medals and certificates. Throughout the last two weeks what I …

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