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Learner Life

From our house events to overseas trips, sports competitions, Olympiads and our learner leaders, SIA offers children a well-rounded school experience. 

Learner life at SIA is centered around our learners. There are four houses and each learner is assigned to a house. Our learners belong to their assigned house until graduation.

What is the House System?

  • A school community that brings people together 
  • A system that encourages the growth of leaders 
  • A place where learners can learn teamwork with learners from all year groups 
  • A way of allowing learners to be competitive in a friendly way 

Life in the Houses

The four houses – Blue House, Green House, Red House and Yellow House are each connected to an inspirational leader, chosen by the learners. Each house elects their House Captain and deputies, each campaign is led by our learners.  

The house activities throughout the year are available for all learners to join.

Afterschool activities
  • Sports, such as cricket, football, basketball and dance 
  • Academic clubs, such as revision clubs, math and science clubs 
  • Creative Arts, such as afterschool painting club and baking club 
Inter-House competitions
  • Regularly scheduled events 
  • Range of competitions – academic, sporting and creative 
  • Encouraging high levels of learner participation
Academic programs
  • Model UN, the United Nations affiliated debate program
Learner Council
  • Each class elects a Learner Council representative 
  • Leadership experience is given to younger learners 
  • Learners work together to improve the school from within and organise events to support their measures 
Environmental programs
  • Each house has a dedicated Eco-Captain
  • Promote good practice with energy usage
  • Captains are working to achieve Green Flag status for SIA
House Assemblies

The Assemblies give learners opportunities to take on leadership, public speaking and bring each house together. 

  • Pastoral – mental health, bullying, online safety 
  • Sports – sports day, leagues and competitions 
  • Informative – environmental awareness and recycling

House Points and The House Cup

The House points system rewards participation and competitions that recognise our learners academic excellence, sports achievement.model behaviorgood sportsmanship, artistic accomplishment, school spirit and environmental awareness. Learners work hard to earn points individually and in collaboration for their houses and are proud of their results. 

The house cup is the most talked about competition at SIA. This is the grand totaling of points from the entire year. The cup remains with the winning house for the year and is a hallmark for school spirit among SIA learners. 

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