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Learner Life

At SIA our learners are nurtured to become resilience, empowered, and courageous within our empathetic and vibrant learning ‘eco-system’. At our High-Performance Learning school, our learners not only excel academically but also thrive as confident and socially adept individuals, ready to embrace life’s opportunities with pure determination. 

We believe in equipping our learners with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to navigate an ever-changing world – life ready! Through a dynamic learning curriculum and personalised support, we aim to inspire each learner become aspirational, take risks and have a concern for society that drives them to have a positive impact at SIA.

The House System

One of the key components of Leaner Life at SIA is the House System which is the heartbeat of our vibrant community and instils a passion for excellence, leadership, and collaboration in every learner. It serves as a platform for nurturing potential and fostering lifelong friendships. Through a diverse range of activities spanning sports, academics, and the arts, our learners embrace healthy competition in a supportive environment. 

They take the lead in initiatives like Model UN and environmental conservation, showcasing their dedication to positive change. Our assemblies buzz with energy as learners hone their skills and champion causes like mental health awareness and sustainability. The house system celebrates achievement, fostering a culture of excellence and belonging. Join us at SIA, where every child is empowered to excel and every dream is within reach.

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