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Learner Leadership

The learners were asked to send in their application to our Secondary Leadership Team. The applications were shortlisted down to three applicants for each position. This academic year, we have also opened the selection process up to our teaching staff so they could send learners recommendations for different positions. Once the learners were shortlisted, they were invited for an interview with our leadership team. 

It was a real pleasure to hear the stories and the ideas our learners had and how they proposed they would go about getting these ideas up and running to help the other learners at school and make SIA the best it can be! All our candidates have been appointed roles within our learner leadership team.

Our new team is as follows:

Abdelhalim Ali

Head Boy

Ilia Mosaddegh

Deputy Head Boy

Alexander Gebremichael

Assistant Deputy Head Boy


Eman Versiani

Head Girl

Mariam Elshahawy

Deputy Head Girl

Ariana Hossain

Assistant Deputy Head Girl

Mustansir Kapadia

Sports Ambassador

Mohammad Lamih

Charity Ambassador

Ehab Issa

Learner Support Ambassador

Mahnoor Arshad

Events Ambassador

Nardos Solomon

Mindfulness Ambassador

Hafsa Akhtar

Sustainability Ambassador

SIA Speaks

SIA Speaks is the official Podcast of SIA.
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