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The SIA 4X Advantage

Celebrating Our Value Added Advantage 

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking revelation, a significant achievement that sets us apart from other schools in the region; our exceptional Value-Added Measurement score, proudly standing at an astounding 7.3, as confirmed by GL Assessments and the Fischer Family Trust (FFT). This remarkable score surpasses both the UK and UAE averages of 0.5 and 1.85 respectively, highlighting the impactful learning journey our students experience at SIA. 

Understanding the Significance of Value Added Measurement 

As educators, we recognize the importance of assessing the true impact of our teaching on each student’s educational journey.  

Value Added Measurement allows us to gauge the actual difference our school makes in a student’s attainment by comparing their starting point to their final achievement. By considering the unique circumstances and abilities of each learner, this method provides a more accurate assessment of their educational progress. 

Showcasing the Effectiveness of Our HPL Learning Ecosystem 

One of the key advantages of Value Added Measurement is its ability to showcase the effectiveness of SIA’s High-Performance Learning (HPL) ecosystem. Our outstanding score of 7.3 underscores the impact we have had through our innovative educational provision. By quantifying the ‘extra’ attainment a learner has made, we also identify areas of strength and improvement, benefiting not only individual students but also informing broader strategies for school enhancement. 

Our commitment to becoming an HPL school and consistently innovating learning opportunities has yielded positive outcomes, of which we are immensely proud. 

SIA 4X Best British School in Sharjah

Engage in the SIA Advantage 

Explore the impact of our educational approach and discover why SIA stands out among international and British curriculum schools in Sharjah or Dubai. Join the conversation and gain insights into our value-added advantage. 

As an international school, British school, and a leading private school in Sharjah, we invite you to choose SIA for an unparalleled educational experience. Elevate learning, unlock potential—experience the SIA 4X difference. 

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