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Scholars International Academy has designed an educational programme for our Post 16 learners that are rich in experiences and opportunities and essential for success in the 21st century.

Small class sizes, a university-style of teaching, internships and learner leadership programmes, whilst still being part of a wider community, are all key features of the SIA Post 16 experience. The goal is to Instil values so that our leaners can successfully shape their own lives and contribute positively to the lives of others.

As a British curriculum school, Post 16 offers A Levels and several BTEC options (What is Btec). A Levels are internationally recognised and regarded as academically rigorous, challenging and stimulating. They enable learners to access the world’s best universities, as well as provide them with the skills and knowledge for entry into the most innovative careers.

SIA Poist 16 is committed to developing learners’ capacity for independent thought. In line with High Performance Learning learners are not only taught what to think, they are taught how to think. We want to develop our learners to have the courage, imagination and integrity to formulate their own ideas and develop substantive and well- informed opinions. We offer a wide range of teaching and learning methods to ensure that our learners enjoy varied and relevant lessons, enabling them to excel and be successful in each subject area.

At Scholars International Academy, we offer an exceptional personalised learning environment that supports and motivates each individual; learners will be guided by our experienced teachers providing every opportunity for success. Universities look for young people who not only have an aptitude for a particular field of study but who also demonstrate that they can go above and beyond to be the best they can be.

Post 16 Scholarships 

Scholars International Academy recognises the achievements of our learners by rewarding them with Sixth Form scholarships. These two-year scholarships are designed to ensure that learners sustain their academic growth and explore their utmost potential. 

Scholars International Academy recognises the achievements of our learners by rewarding them with Sixth Form scholarships. These scholarships are designed to ensure that learners sustain academic growth in this two-year program and explore their utmost potential. 

We offer two levels of scholarship to the learners. 

Standard Scholarship (20%)A minimum of 6A/A*s at IGCSE for a 2-year scholarship 

Principal’s Scholarship – For exceptional learners who showcase the Values, Attitudes and Attribute of a High-Performing SIA learner. These scholarships are awarded at the Principal’s discretion and will only be given to two learners (one in Year 12 and one in Year 13). 

We welcome applicants who demonstrate proven academic strengths as well as interest and competency in the creative or performing arts.

All learners must be fluent in written and spoken English.

All scholarship recipients will have to meet certain attendance and learner leadership responsibilities in order to maintain the scholarship. 

Applications to join the school in September 2023 are now open via our online application system on the Scholars International Academy website. 

For more information on Sixth Form Scholarships, please feel free to contact Sara Homaydi, our Admissions Manager at:

When to Apply?

June 2024


Interviews to join our Sixth Form will be by appointment after the applications have been received. 



Our first round of conditional offers will be made in June, pending final IGCSE results. We also expect to place a limited number of candidates on our waiting list.

All conditional offers are pending final IGCSE results.

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