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Scholars International Academy (SIA) stands as the premier High-Performance Learning (HPL) institution in Sharjah, a testament to its dedication to academic excellence. Professor Deborah Eyre, the Chair of HPL has extolled the achievements of SIA, describing its success as “nothing short of remarkable and extraordinary.”

She lauded the school’s commitment to fostering learner leaders who wholeheartedly embrace the principles of HPL, attributing their accomplishments to “a magnificent culture of learning.”

With an unwavering focus on excellence in education, SIA continues to set a benchmark for educational institutions across the region. Professor Eyre urged the SIA community to celebrate their astonishing success, emphasising that in the Middle East, “other schools should look to them as a guiding light, a beacon of inspiration and innovation.”

“Other schools should look to them as a guiding light, a beacon of inspiration and innovation”

Professor Deborah Eyre, Chair HPL

High-Performance Learning is an innovative educational framework that believes all children can become high achievers, both in the classroom and in life. At HPL schools every child aims for the same high-level outcomes.

This is achieved by giving students the tools, values, and essential cognitive skills that have been shown to lead to success. Based on scientific research about how people think and learn, the HPL framework guides students on a learning journey. Tests and assessments are used as roadmaps for teachers to find the next steps to help build a child’s strengths and confidence.

A strategic, long-term educational philosophy, HPL affords teachers the flexibility to incorporate core skills and values into their classrooms and lessons. With a focus on growth mindsets, HPL has been shown to drive not just individual improvement but school-wide achievement.

We are proud of how this distinct approach has allowed us to develop students with the skills to learn how to learn. At SIA, students are not just test takers, but thoughtful, curious problem-solvers who believe in their own growth potential.

Our HPL certification has helped us develop a dynamic community of engaged learners. It has also generated tangible results. SIA students performed 8.4% above the UK average on the IGSCE and the A Levels, and our GL Value Added scores are a full 7.3 times higher than the UK national average and 4 times higher than the UAE average.

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