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Embarking on Excellence: The Scholars International Academy (SIA) Difference in 10 Key Areas

Experience educational excellence at SIA, the pinnacle of British Curriculum schooling in Sharjah. Renowned for our commitment to academic excellence and innovation, SIA stands as a beacon of educational distinction. With accreditation from esteemed bodies like the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME), we offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

From our pioneering approach to High Performance Learning (HPL) to our exceptional examination results, SIA sets the standard for educational excellence in the region. Join us and embark on a transformative educational journey at the best British school in Sharjah.

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  1. SIA 4X Advantage: SIA proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement with a remarkable GL Value-Added Measurement score of 7.3 in Post-Sixteen, which is nearly 4 times higher than the UAE average.

  2. High Quality, Affordable British Education: Exceptional British education meets affordability at SIA, ensuring a commitment to unparalleled quality in academic excellence.

  3. Pioneering High Performance Learning: SIA proudly holds the prestigious HPSA (High Performing School Award) status, distinguishing us as the sole institution in Sharjah on the path to achieving World Class recognition through High Performance Learning (HPL). Principal James Batt’s distinction as one of three individuals globally honored with fellowship by HPL further underscores our commitment to excellence. HPL, alongside its emphasis on Values, Attitudes, and Attributes (VAAs) and Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics (ACPs), plays a pivotal role in personalized learning, data utilization, fostering risk-taking, learner ownership, and nurturing meaningful engagement with parents and the community.

  4. Accredited Excellence: SIA proudly holds the esteemed endorsement of both the British School Overseas (BSO) and the British Schools of the Middle East. (BSME), ensuring unparalleled standards of academic excellence.

  5. Expert Educators: Our teaching team comprises of qualified educators who are able to ignite your child’s learning. Majority of our form teachers are from the UK or Ireland.

  6. Board Examination Results That Outperform the UK average: Witness a remarkable +8.4% increase in A-Level results surpassing UK averages, alongside significant rises of +0.85% and +0.93% in Mathematics for GCSEs. Our consistent surpassing of UK averages has showcased numerous high achievers, clinching prestigious titles like “Highest in the World” and “Highest in the Middle East.” Notable feats include securing the highest mark globally for Advanced Subsidiary Chemistry and the highest mark regionally for GCSE Psychology.

  7. Excellent University Placements: Enjoy seamless transitions to prestigious universities, guided by our dedicated career counselors. Students have gone on to universities such as University of California, Boston University, McGill University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Cambridge, NYU, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Stanford University, University of Toronto, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, Georgetown University, Dartmouth University, Brown University and many other notable institutions. 

  8. Robust Enrichment Offerings: At SIA, we offer a diverse range of enrichment opportunities, from Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) and Internship programs to sports teams and academic events. Sports are integral, starting from Year 1 with 36 activities in our Co-Curricular Involvements (CCIs) and PE sessions spanning Early Years to Secondary. Our swimming pool facilities cater to aquatic fitness from Year 3, ensuring a well-rounded education for all learners.

  9. Student Diversity: With students from over 60 nationalities, SIA fosters a rich cultural tapestry, enhancing learning experiences.

  10. Safe, Supportive and Positive Learning Environment: Embrace a nurturing atmosphere where zero tolerance for bullying ensures a secure and positive space for all learners. An environment where empathy and mental well-being are prioritized. 

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