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Early Explorers Nursery, the epitome of excellence and the best kindergarten in Sharjah, proudly stands as the flagship institution of the esteemed Scholars International Group, a Dubai-based school group with a rich history of educating children in the UAE for over four decades.

Since the inauguration of our pioneer school, Dubai Scholars Private School (Al Qusais), in 1976, to the establishment of Scholars International Academy (Sharjah) in 2007, and the subsequent addition of Clarion School (Al Qouz) in 2016, our steadfast mission has been to elevate educational standards. Our newest addition, Early Explorers Nursery, strategically nestled within the Al Zahia community in Sharjah, continues this legacy of enriching education for the children of the UAE.

Purposefully designed and equipped with top-notch resources, open spaces, and a dedicated team of passionate educators, Early Explorers offers a nurturing environment that not only facilitates comprehensive development but also instills a deep love for learning. Recognized as one of the best nurseries near you, our focus extends beyond academics, preparing your child for the next chapter of schooling with confidence, curiosity, and a genuine passion for learning.

Key areas of emphasis at Early Explorers Nursery encompass:

  • Communication skills
  • Physical development
  • Personal/social/emotional development
  • Understanding of the world
  • Mathematics concepts
  • Language development
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Choose Early Explorers for an educational journey that goes beyond conventional norms, ensuring your child thrives as a confident, curious, and passionate learner. Enroll now in the best kindergarten in Sharjah, setting the stage for a bright and promising educational future.

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