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SIA Newsletter 4

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community

As I go on my daily walk around school I am so proud of how far we have come on our development journey and our intensified focus towards our High Performance Learning goals. I can really see how our learners are understanding the HPL language and are demonstrating the metathinking, self-regulation and a number of our Values, Attitudes and Attributes. For example today I met Eliza Aguilar in year 5 who walked past with her home learning project, which was to construct a solar system. It was so awesome that I just had to grab a photo, which you will see in the newsletter. She had demonstrated a number of HPL skills that would fall under the headings Linking, Analyzing and Creating. For example this project took imagination and precision but also the all important attribute of perseverance as she worked diligently and systematically to complete her wonderful project.

This week I also attended our learner leaders first assembly where they promoted the house elections to the students of KS4 and KS5. House election campaigns have begun and the school is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming elections

I also, had some positive parent partnership where the parents of Mariam, Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed Elshahawy came in to share their proud parent moments with me.

I often have these learning conversations with Ms Verma our CEO and the extended board members as we consider ourselves to be thought partners to support the growth of SIA. Ms Verma is one of those inspirational leaders who has ‘walked the talk’ in terms of our HPL VAA’s over the years. Her story is quite compelling and if you are keen to learn more please follow the link below:


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Take care

Enjoy your weekend

James Batts