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SIA Newsletter 3

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community

What a week at SIA and only week two. We started this week with recognising and raising awareness for charity on the International Day of Charity and ended the week focusing in on Literacy for the International Day of Literacy. These are both very important to us at SIA as supporting Charity is one of our key initiatives and links with our HPL philosophy through empathy and concern for society. I have to admit my favourite part was seeing our learners in primary taking part in buddy reading. Where we got to see and hear all learners reading to each other they were reading with passion, expression and excitement. Promoting reading and literacy is also one of our big focuses at SIA as you will be aware with our ever developing provision for reading and literacy that includes Literacy Planet, Bug Club, Read Write Ink, Century Tech and our parents coming in to support reading. Literacy planet, Bug Club and Century tech are all resources that are to be used both in school and at home daily so if you need any support please do contact your child’s teacher who will be happy to help.

This week we had our learner leadership selection process which was an amazing opportunity for me to hear the ideas and dreams of our Sixth Form learners. This process showcased how much our learners have embraced our VAAs and want to help promote them to our school community. The Head boy and Head girl interviews were just amazing and again demonstrated just what wonderful and talented learners we have at SIA. My focus was on the VAA’s as part of our HPL journey in order to be inclusive and support growing Empathy, Hardwork and Agility for all learners. I am very excited to see what our learner leaders action this year and will meet them regularly for updates.

I would like to remind our parent community that support the school through parent partnership is vital for the success of our learners, your children. It is important to us that your voice is heard and that we have the chance to communicate how we are developing our provision to support your child’s future success as global citizens. As you know we have a parent committee ‘Friends of SIA’ and we would be keen to grow the parent representation so please do contact the school if you are interested in supporting the school to grow and have the time to get involved with supporting enrichment and learning.

Finally, as a British School Overseas we today are saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. From serving in World War II through to her commitment to serving her country is something that certainly deserves great respect and we will take some time next week to pay tribute and reflect on the lessons we can learn from such an incredible individual.

I wish you a very happy weekend

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Take care

Enjoy your weekend

James Batts