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Extra Curricular Activities


Scholars International Academy offers an outstanding extracurricular activity programme, with all learners having access to an array of activities to enhance their skillset in specific areas.  At SIA, we believe that our extracurricular activities programme takes our learners beyond their limits, to be the best they can be.

Our internal ECAs (let them be physical, artistic, creative, cultural or scientific) are led by our SIA teachers and are extremely popular. These activities allow learners to develop their skills and enjoy many different subject areas outside of the school curriculum. We provide engaging activities and clubs tailored to meet the needs of all our learnersLearners are able to choose from a wide range of activities offered each week. 

Our external ECAs are offered by our external providers who are professionals certified by the Sharjah Sports Council and SPEA.  The providers offer a range of paid extracurricular activities to our learners at an exclusive price. This program is separate from the school curriculum and allows learners the opportunity to engage in additional activities, whether this is for enjoyment, to enhance their skill set or to work towards a certified qualification. We have formed these partnerships to deliver a program which is enriching for our learners whilst also offering a convenient, safe and secure location.


Sports Calendar 2022-2023

Please click here to access the Sports Calendar for Academic Year 2022-2023.

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