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SIA Newsletter 7 -EYFS - Children Activity

SIA Newsletter 7 -EYFS

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community,

I hope you are all well and that you had a wonderful weekend.

Firstly, I extend my sincere apologies for the delay in this week’s newsletter. We encountered some technical issues that, unfortunately, impacted our ability to get the newsletter out before the weekend and also showcase this weeks ‘I in kind’ feature. I share in your disappointment as this segment has become one of my weekly highlights. Rest assured, I will reshoot the ‘I in Kind’ this week and send it in my letter next week.

Reflecting on the past week, the overarching theme that resonated across our school community was gratitude. In our fast-paced lives, taking a moment to step back and appreciate the positive aspects is a valuable skill. Our daily celebration assemblies stand as a testament to the acknowledgment of effort and hard work. However, it’s heartening to know that gratitude is a sentiment shared not only during these assemblies but throughout the entire school among both learners and teachers. I would like to highlight the impressive Year 13 podcast created by Hana and Mariam. They eloquently discussed simple aspects of life that they are grateful for, providing valuable insights. I encourage each of you to contemplate and share what you are grateful for. Personally, I find gratitude in the dedicated team I work with, the happiness of our learners during school activities, and the interactions with parents and learners each morning. At home, the precious moments spent with my daughter, whether engaging in conversation, reading, or simply sharing a cuddle, are truly magical. Please click here to watch the video.

We had great successes in our sporting events with our netball and cross-country teams demonstrating great pride in our community with their recent exploits in the EISSA competitions. We had an amazing result on Thursday with our cross-country athletes coming 3rd overall in the EISSA fixture with learners representing both secondary and primary bringing home medals! Well done to all our amazing athletic learners, we look forward to celebrating even more of your successes. Our week concluded with the Yusai’d initiative, featuring a sports afternoon and BBQ for our cleaners, facilities team, TA’s, and bus drivers. These individuals play crucial roles in our daily lives at SIA, and it was heartwarming to witness the support and appreciation they received from our learner leaders and key staff members. I am immensely proud of these moments and extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of these events.

On a practical note, I kindly remind you that the school opens at 7.10 am. To ensure the safety of all, please be mindful of dropping off your children earlier, as staff members are not on site before 7 am. Please also submit your photos to the school so that your parent ID passes can be created as after the winter break you will be required to bring your passes to school in order to enter the grounds. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated and contributes to the overall well-being and safety of our school community.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead.

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Take Care

Mr. James | Principal