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SIA Newsletter 33

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health.

I wonder who put the ‘I’ in kind this week?

My absolutely favourite thing that happened in school this week was the Year 6 podcast that I was invited to take part in. It was truly a pleasure to be asked to be a part of this remarkable initiative, where we delved into the topic of high-performance learning (HPL) and its profound impact on our school culture and learning experiences.

The Year 6 podcast provided a platform for an engaging and insightful conversation among these amazing learners and our special guest Ms. Vicky who was here supporting our accreditation process. It was a collaborative effort aimed at shedding light on the transformation that has occurred at SIA as we create learning experiences aligned to our HPL VAA’s and ACP’s. I was so proud of our Year 6 podcasters had planned the session and the questions they asked. The podcast was a celebration of the growth and accomplishments we have achieved together.

During our discussion, we explored various aspects of HPL, ranging from the implementation of effective teaching strategies to the importance of fostering a growth mindset. We shared our personal experiences and how they as learners and myself as the Principal have embraced challenges, set ambitious goals, and developed resilience throughout our journey. The Year 6 podcast served as a powerful reminder of the collaborative spirit that defines our SIA community. Together, we have created an ‘Eco System’ that values excellence, fosters a love for learning, and encourages everyone to reach ‘to be the best they can be’.

We have been extremely proud of our learners who worked hand in hand with our staff to showcase our HPL journey over the last two years during our accreditation visit this week. They were amazing as they held meetings with the inspector, took her on a tour of the school, and explained the impact that HPL has had on our school. We also had our Year 12 learners return to classes this week as they have completed their External Board Exams. They have now started back to the hard work and have started focusing on the Year 13 course in preparation for next year.

Our parent workshops continue to be well represented and this week we learned about Early Literacy. Parents learned how our learners mark make before writing and the importance of pre-phonics before learning sounds. Ms. Heather and Ms. Daisy are running workshops throughout June along with many exciting events being held in the Foundation Stage.

#bethebestyoucanbe #proudprincipal

Take care

James Batts