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primary learners sharing a book

SIA Newsletter 21

SIA School Principal - James Batts

Dear SIA Community,

We are still all buzzing here at SIA from the fantastic Fiesta. I watched all the acts and was so very proud of each and every performer. Another big thank you to you our community for supporting this event.


We are also delighted to share our Spring Fiesta Raffle draw winners below:

1st Prize – Seba 3B

2nd Prize – Chanaya 2C

3rd Prize – Zayed – FS1 -A

4th Prize- Marley – 4B

We have some amazing pictures, now turned into memories from the Spring Fiesta day which will be shared soon.

This week we have had a focus on wellbeing and mental health across the school. This started with our learner leaders presenting in Mondays assembly about the importance of both and the importance of promoting both. In Primary each learner completed a well- being check-in every morning, encouraging them to express how they are feeling to their teacher and discuss why. It was wonderful to see all the activities arranged by the learners such as meditation, journalling, pyjama day and zen zones. It was great to see our learners exploring the importance of mindfulness and well-being around the school. For example, throughout the day, learners were encouraged to check in with their peers regarding well- being and their feelings. This develops communication and language skills as well showing lots of empathy towards one another.

As you are aware we have a really big focus on reading post COVID but also to make sure learners can access learning as quickly as possible at a young age. The love for reading across the Primary is growing exponentially and watching the learners receive certificates for readers of the week has been fantastic. Our 6A class that went to the Mohammed Bin Rashid library this week were complimented on their excellent behaviour; the guide said, “6A was one of the best classes they have ever had.” They had the opportunity to go into the Treasure Room and look at many first edition books, for example, Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

In Secondary we have been very busy promoting our learner’s love of learning Science during our Science specific week. We have had Expo City Trips where our learners experienced workshops in Robotics and they were also partaking in “Would You Rather?” activities also. On top of this, our Science Department ran some amazing activities in the auditorium such as the Crime Scene Investigation for the 11-13 learners and our Science Exhibition for Year 7-10 learners. It has been an amazing showcase for science this week and we are very proud of Ms Nourhan and her science team for all their efforts.

Finally, our sporting superstars have had another huge week. Our U18 boys finished 2nd in the EISSA football league and our U16 girls finished 3rd in the EISSA football league. What an amazing result for our learners in their first-ever league appearance. Thank you to our amazing PE team for all their efforts. I met them this week to say well done for participating and showing great respect and teamwork.

Have a wonderful weekend.

#bethebestyoucanbe #proudprincipal

Take care

James Batts