Scholars International Academy

SIA Newsletter 14 – EYFS

Dear SIA Community,

As we find ourselves at the cusp of spring break, it’s remarkable to acknowledge how swiftly this academic year has progressed. Time truly seems to be flying by! I’ve recently embarked on a new endeavour that took me out of my comfort zone: I experimented with a video entry to my SIA community letter. When we reconvene after the break, I eagerly anticipate your feedback on this new approach when you see me at the door in the mornings.

Re-enrolment video link

Before we part ways for the break, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the resounding success of our HPL drop-down days this year. These events have seamlessly integrated into our school calendar, enriching our educational ecosystem and reinforcing our school culture. It’s heartening to see our learners gravitating towards the VAA of Empathy and Concern for Society, aligning perfectly with our inclusive and caring ethos.

During our recent HPL drop-down day, our youngest learners in FS2 delved into the concept of empathy and concern for society within the framework of High Performance Learning. Through discussions and activities, they explored ways to extend kindness and gratitude to those who support and care for us daily. It was truly heartwarming to witness them create ‘Thank You’ cards for our assistant teachers, cleaners, and bus drivers, expressing appreciation for their unwavering kindness. Meanwhile, our secondary learners embarked on ambitious research projects centred on sustainability, tackling pressing environmental challenges with innovative solutions. Collaborating across disciplines, they not only deepened their understanding of empathy but also honed critical thinking skills and showcased their creativity and confidence through presentations.

As we bid farewell to Term 2, we celebrated the outstanding achievements of our learners during a memorable house assembly. Recognising those who exemplify the values of High Performance Learning, we awarded certificates to learners who earned the highest number of achievement points. Congratulations to all our hardworking learners, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this assembly.

On a particularly exciting note, I’m thrilled to share the remarkable accomplishment of our learner, Alisha Jamal. Her article on Quantum Engagement in Space Travel has been published in an international STEM magazine, showcasing her exceptional connection making and big picture thinking skills. Alisha’s ability to bridge quantum physics with space exploration is a testament to her ingenuity and intellectual prowess.

As we embark on the spring break, let’s take time to rejuvenate and spend quality time with our families. I will be travelling to the UK this weekend, and staying in Arundel, West Sussex where my wife and I got married. My wife and little one Gracie are already there, and Gracie is enjoying being spoilt by our friends and her grandparents. I look forward to hearing about your Spring break experiences and continuing our journey of growth and exploration when we return.

Take care

Mr. James Batts | Principal