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SIA Newsletter 12 - EYFS

SIA Newsletter 12 – EYFS

Dear SIA Community,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and  high energy as we reflect on the wonderful events that unfolded within our school community over the past week, such as our school Fiesta, which I am still buzzing about. Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to our Executive Principal, Ms. Janet, for her exemplary leadership and for embodying the spirit of ‘I in Kind’ by engaging directly with our learners. Your dedication to supporting our empathetic learning environment does not go unnoticed. Let’s see what the learners had to say. Please click here.

Our recent school fiesta was nothing short of spectacular! From the electrifying talent showcased by our learners to the vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter and joy, it was a day to remember. A special congratulations to Red Velvet – Shaun, Emily, and Priyanka – for their remarkable performance and securing third place. Your talent and hard work are an inspiration to us all. I would also like to thank the community for such an impressive level of attendance and for taking time to come and speak with me as that is what makes SIA great and I hope makes us all feel connected as an SIA family.

Additionally, International Day was a beautiful celebration of diversity and cultural exchange. Witnessing learners proudly donning traditional attire from their respective home countries was a heartwarming sight. I am not sure Mr Danny’s Union Jack jacket could be seen as the traditional dress of the UK but it definitely gave us all a laugh. The day was a testament to the richness of our school community and the value of embracing our differences. #Inclusivity

In our secondary assembly, we had the honour of celebrating the outstanding achievements of our High Achievers, with a spotlight on Farah Mamoun, who attained the highest mark in the Middle East for Pearson Edexcel GCE Psychology 2022-2023. Farah, your dedication and perseverance serve as a shining example to us all. Congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment! You are amazing and we are all so very proud of you.

Thank you for joining me for refreshments and a chat afterward as this really was a big highlight of the week.

Furthermore, a huge thank you to Ms. Michelle for organising a fantastic Careers Fair, providing invaluable insights and opportunities for our learners to explore their future pathways. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and it’s inspiring to see our learners engage with such enthusiasm and curiosity.

Last but not least, a special thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Teddy bear picnic. Your presence meant the world to our learners, and it was a pleasure to see families come together in support of our school community. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of you and capturing some wonderful memories through photos.

As we continue on our journey of learning and growth, let us carry forward the spirit of unity, celebration, and excellence that defines our SIA HPL family. Together, we are achieving great things.

#BeTheBestYouCanBe #SIAFamily

Have a great weekend

Take care

Mr. James Batts | Principal