Scholars International Academy

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High Quality

British Curriculum

We provide a curriculum which is the English National Curriculum, enriched with the Cambridge programme and teaching methodology, is the international standard for British education. Sports, languages, technology, performing arts, multi-cultural interactions, and community service are among the many programmes that balance our strong academic core to promote well-rounded student leaders.

British education has achieved a reputation for quality and is recognised and respected around the world. One of the huge benefits is how transferable it is – students can move seamlessly from country to country or move back to the UK while studying the National Curriculum of England.

Our faculty comes from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. They bring experience, dedication and commitment, celebrating the diversity and strength of the multi-cultural world we live in. Professional development is ingrained in the school ethos and we practice what we preach – lifelong learning.

SIA is one of only two schools in Sharjah accredited by the prestigious British Schools Overseas and is a member of the British Schools Middle East. The standards required and the support provided ensure a high quality premier British Education. 

In 2021, SIA became the first High-Performance Learning School in Sharjah.

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