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At Scholars International Academy, we welcome all learners. We provide a fully inclusive learning environment, where all learners are treated as valued members of the school community. Our Inclusion Department is positioned in the heart of the school to reflect our inclusive philosophy and approach.

A learner’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs are fully met in every classroom through high quality teaching and a strong system of support. The overall purpose of the Inclusion Department is to develop the learning skills necessary to access the wider curriculumand to help raise each learner’s confidence and self-esteem. 

Meeting the Needs of Learners

Where learners are identified as needing additional learning support, the school uses a graduated system of response to ensure all needs are individually and appropriately catered for. At SIA, we offer an inclusive mainstream curriculum with additional support, intervention, and personalisation, where needed. We scaffold learning in all lessons to enable all learners to make progress and succeed and ensure that there is challenge for all learners.

For learners with an identified need or a barrier to learning, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created, identifying key targets that are reviewed on a termly basis. Parents play an integral role in the target setting process and are fully involved in all areas of the learner’s education.

Appropriate provision is determined on an individual needs basis. We are committed to ensuring provision is accurately matched to a learner’s needs through regular review and assessment. Provision may include in class support, target group interventions or one to one intervention with a member of the Inclusion Department.

Our Inclusion Team

Our specialist inclusion team work to provide evidence-based interventions and model good practice to ensure every member of staff provides inclusive practice, that makes a positive difference to all children. They ensure learners benefit from personalised programmes to enable the best possible progress, working collaboratively with parents and outside agencies.  

Our Head of Inclusion oversees and develops the implementation of the schools’ strategy and Inclusion Policy. She takes the leading role in coordinating support and provision, particularly regarding learners of determination and their families. In partnership with the school’s senior leaders and the Principal, the Head of Inclusion monitors, advises, evaluates and plans for the development of inclusive practice and provision across the school, supported by the Inclusion Department and assigns members of the inclusion team to learners who experience SEND.

The Inclusion team are an integral part of SIA’s commitment to improve well-being throughout the school. Our school counsellor works very closely with our pastoral team with the aim to maximise learner success, promoting access and equity for all learners. She is a vital member of the school team and creates a school culture of success for all. She designs and delivers school counselling programs that improves our learners’ outcome.

Mariam Ali

Inclusion Consultant

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Riya Jacob

Annabel George - School Counsellor at SIA

Annabel George

School Counsellor 

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